The story in numbers

Girls start out with a love of science and technology, but lose it somewhere along the way. Let’s help encourage that passion in teen girls.

In the United States, 74% of girls and teen girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in middle school [1]

By high school, only 0.4% of teen girls plan to major in Computer Science [2]

CS jobs will be the highest-paying sectors over the next decade, paying almost $15K more than average

Encouragement from adults and peers is the #1 contributor to a teen girl’s decision to pursue Computer Science [3]

What is code?

Simply put, code is a tool that lets you write your story with technology. If you can code, you can communicate your ideas with a computer or a program so they can be brought to life in bigger, brighter, and more creative ways.

Why coding is a big deal


We started Made with Code because increasingly more aspects in our lives are powered by technology, yet women aren’t represented in the roles that make technology happen.

If we can inspire teen girls to see that code can help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be, then hopefully they will begin to contribute their voices to the field of technology for the benefit of us all.

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What can you do with code?

Teen girls can literally do anything with code! Here are some examples:

Let's code

Want to see what code can do? Make music, art, and more with one of our coding projects.

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This is just the tip of the coding iceberg. Learn more about partner projects and coding events.

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